Born and raised in Beijing, Siyu is a graphic/UX designer currently working between Beijing and Paris. With a curious mind and a playful personality, she's always willing to take challenges that's out of her comfort zone, constantly searching for new perspectives on old subjects. Her work has won the bronze medal in 3X3 Professional Show and has been shortlisted by World Illustration Award and selected for exhibition. She has a strong interest in cross-cultural communication and human-centered design.
思予有视觉传达和英语文学双学位的背景,曾在英美留学多年,曾参与国内外多种类型项目的设计、策划与执行,如伦敦设计节、北京国际设计周、尤伦斯设计系列讲座、大栅栏创意市集等。项目经验包括品牌VI设计、UX设计、平面出版物以及插画等。她的作品曾获得3X3 ProShow国际插画铜奖入选World Illustration Awards国际插画奖及及国际巡展
Je suis à la recherche d’un poste de graphiste à Paris, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.